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Perfom Ltd. is a family owned and operated business with extensive experience in perforated & embossed sheet metal and related products manufacturing.

The roots of our business date back to 1942, when Milos R. Jankovic as a young and skillful craftsmen opened a workshop and started the long lasting family business and tradition of metal processing and production. In 1981, Marija and Janko Jankovic, together with Milos, started manufacturing of perforated sheet metal and related products.

From its foundation to date, Perfom development has been founded on the basic principles of healthy family run business and interpersonal relationships with respect to employees, partners and stakeholders as a whole. Over the years, the company has combined the latest technologies with the best craftsmen tradition.

Thanks to its technological and human resources base, Perfom is today the best equipped company in the manufacturing and processing of perforated sheets in Serbia and neighbouring regions. This makes them a leading manufacturer and seller of perforated sheet metal and related products in the Balkans.

Key Export Markets and Sectors of Operations:
Perfom export to the following markets: Germany,France,The Netherlands,Sweden,Denmark,Switzerland,Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Montenegro,Macedonia.
We are active in the following sectors of industry: recycling, mining, quarry, building, industrial maintenance, processing, equipment and machinery building, shipbuilding, baking industries, agricultural, and food & beverages.
Key products and services:
  • perforated metal - sheets and strips
  • perforated metal - panels and sheets (standard & custom made)
  • perforated metal - screens, sieves and parts (standard & custom made)
  • embossed metal - sheets and panels (standard and custom made)
  • antiskid steel gratings - perforated and embossed (stairway steps, profiles, rungs for ladders)
  • welded steel gratings (stairway steps, gratings)
  • cable trays
  • baking trays and racks
  • metal racks and display panels with hooks and holders
  • sheet metal products - wastepaper baskets, panels...
  • production of custom made perforated metal sheets and products
  • new product development according to customer needs (in house development and tool workshop)
Plant, equipment and manufacturing / service capabilities:
  • Press for perforation and punching (all across and sectional press Schuler and other, punching press Trumpf)
  • Mechanical presses (from 25 to 100 tons capacity)
  • Equipment for cuting, bending and roling of metal sheets
  • Equipment for manual welding Tig-mig
  • Production equipment for perforating, punching and metal forming tools.
Our Skills and Capabilities:
Our main skills and competencies lays in the following areas:
  • perforation,punching and metal forming of all kind of sheet metal (stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized, aluminium, cooper, brass...).
  • production of custom made products (including screens, sieves, panels)
  • production of small and medium size series
  • in house development and tool workshop department - new products development according to customer needs
  • optimal combination of modern equipment (cad - cam) together with craftsmen expirience and knowledge.
References - Key Clients:

Our company and products have been present on the Balkans market for over 30 years. During this time we have cooperated with several different companies and supplied several industry sectors. Our clients range from large to small size companies and craftsmen, from agricultural, mining, building, shipbuilding, chemical, food and beverages, baking industry, HAVAC, processing industry, machine building , industrial maintenance, automotive, etc... We grow together with our customers and market demands.

We consider ourselves to be the ideal partners because:
  • We are small family owned and organized company.
  • We have developed over 70 years experience and tradition in metal forming and processing
  • We use modern technology (cad - cam) in production together with craftsman expirience and knowledge.
  • We take care of our employees and invest in their continuous professional development.
  • We are driven by quality, responsibility and flexibility in production and cooperation.
  • We have capacity to satisfy client needs for small and medium size series, to large production needs.


Perfom d.o.o.
Knjaza Milosa 165
31210 Pozega / Serbia

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