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Perforated metal screens and parts
Perforated metal products
Embossed sheet metal

Antiskid sheet metal and gratings
Steel welded gratings
Cable trays
Metal racks & panels
Baking trays, tools and trolley
Custom products
Our products have been present for decades on the market and have a very wide applications base.

Quality, responsibility and flexibility enable us to cooperate with the most important companies in different industries.

We have become a functional and important partner in many manufacturing processes, construction and maintenance, exterior and interior decorating, working and living space... From the initial idea to final product, step by step with you.

Tool workshop and development department allows us quickly, cost-effective and efficient development of tools in accordance with your needs and production of standard and tailor made products.
Perforated sheet metal is not just a sheet with holes. It is functional, beautiful and inspiring part of our everyday lives.
Our products are reliable part of the production process in mines, gravel pits, process industry, power plants, recycling industry...
Create your own basket as you imagine, choose color, perforation...

Embossed sheet metals have a very wide range of applications. They are used as masks, cladding panels for exteriors and interiors...
Antiskid perforated sheets and gratings are a combination of strength and security.

Welded gratings consist of bearing, connecting and framing rod welded together to each other.

For over 20 years our trays mean safe choice.
Metal racks for professional use - strong and durable.
Perfom is a leading manufacturer of baking trays in Serbia and region.
In accordance with our clients' needs, we manufacture products
on demand.


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