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Embossed Sheet Metal

Embossed sheet metals have a very wide range of applications. They are used as masks, cladding panels for exteriors and interiors, fences panels and surfaces, gratings, stair platforms, stairs, to manufacture various products made of sheet metal.

More information on applications and features can be found in the following sections of our website:
Embossed sheet metal are manufactured in the following formats:
  • table of standard and out of standard dimensions
  • panels per customer request
Material: All types of sheet metal (steel cold / hot rolled, galvanized, manganese, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass ...).
Thickness: From 0.4 mm up to max 5mm, depending on the type of material and the embossing model.
Dimension of sheet and panel: Standard dimension for sheet metal is 1000x2000mm. Other standard dimensions: 1250x2500-1500x3000-1250x2000mm. We can produce also non-standard dimensions of sheet metal and panels (custom) according to customers drawings, with additional operations (bending, welding, surface protection).
Embossing models: Several models of embossed sheet metal are available. For more information on our various models and sheet thickness please refer to our pdf catalogue at the bottom of the page, or in the download section. If you have a specific request please send us relevant drawings, and we will produce embossed sheet metal according to your request.
Margins and unperforated surface: Embossed sheet metal is usually produced with no margins. If a customer requires, we can produce embossed sheet metal with margins but it is necessary to consult our technical department about the feasibility and potential issues that may arise (i.e. problems with the flatness, wavy edge of sheet, etc...).
Production volumen: Perfom is specialized in manufacturing small and medium series and order. Also we are able to increase production capacity and accept large orders. Minimum quantity does not exist. Please send us an request for all kinds of products from our production program.
Additional operations and surface protection: During embossing mechanical stress can cause sheet metal deformation at different levels, depending on the type of metal and embossing model. Deformations are corrected by mechanical roll levelling, which is a standard operation in production.
Other additional operations are:
  • Corners outbreak
  • Accurate notching
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Bending of the semi-circle
  • Pressing
  • Welding
  • Send blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Cold galvanized
  • Hot galvanized


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