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Perforated sheet metal is not just a sheet with holes. It is functional, beautiful and inspiring part of our everyday lives.

The field of application of perforated sheet metal is large, more information on the application and its features can be found in the following sections of our website:

Perforated metal sheets are manufactured in the following formats:

  • Table of standard and non-standard dimensions
  • Panels per customer request
  • Strip (rolls)

Production is carried out in accordance with DIN and ISO standards, for more information please refer to the technical info (standards and tolerances for the manufacture of perforated sheets).

MaterialS: Perforated metal sheets and panels can be made from all types of sheet metals (steel cold / hot rolled, galvanized, manganese, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass ...). We can also perforate alubond, plastic, rubber ...
Thickness: From 0.4 mm up to 15-20mm, depending on type of material and perforation holes.
Sheet and Panel Dimensions: Standard dimension for sheet metal is 1000x2000mm (we have in stock a large number of metal sheets in this dimension, that are ready to be delivered). Other standard dimensions: 1250x2500; 500x3000; 1250x2000mm. We can produce non-standard dimensions of sheet metal and panels (custom) according to customers drawings, with additional operations (bending, welding, surface protection).
Strip Dimensions: We produce perforated metal strip, max width 1000mm. Thickness from 0.4 mm to 2 or 3 mm depending on width. For strips width of 1000mm, max thickness is 1.25mm. Length of strip per customer's request, max weight of perforated roll is 4.000 kg. For ease of manipulation suggest weight perforated rolls up to 2.000 kg.
Perforation Holes: We can produce all technically feasible perforations with different holes (round, square, oblong, hexagonal, diamond, rectangular, elliptical, slot, decorative, special, etc...). We can provide you with perforation holes on request and customer drawing.
Holes – thickness ratio: The bigger the hole diameter the cheaper the price. For example, on sheet metal thickness of 1mm is simpler and more economical to make the openings of 10mm in comparison with holes with diameter of 1mm. Perforation with hole diameter = thickness of sheet (example: hole 1mm on sheet thickness 1 mm) is the most complex and most expensive to produce, it is perforation with a critical ratio 1:1. Producing perforations with a hole diameter smaller than the thickness of the plate (eg. round holes diameter 1.5 mm on 2 mm thick sheet) is technically not feasible using conventional punching machines. This is because of the required intensive development of tools for perforation. However, we are able to offer you some perforations with holes that are smaller than the thickness of sheet metal (eg, round holes diameter 1.5 to 1.7 mm on plate thickness of 2 mm, etc…) for more information please call our Sales Department.
Open area and weight of perforated sheet metal: During the process of perforation part of the material is removed and the weight of the table loses. Open area is a surface that is free (holes), and is expressed in % (example A0 = 40% - shows that 40% of the whole surface is free space). The open area depends on the size and arrangement of the perforation holes, larger holes and close pattern produced more open area. For more information please refer to the technical info section of our website, to the download section and to our perforation catalogue.
Margins and un-perforated surface: One of the main features and advantages of perforated sheets, in respect of expanded metals, wire and fabric, is the ability of boards and panels with the ultimate, un-perforated areas according to customer drawings. Standard sheet 1000x2000 mm and other standard sizes are manufactured standard with min. margins around 10-15 mm frame, or parallel to the length of the sheet .We are able to produce perforated sheets with margins per customer drawings.
Production volumen: Perfom is specialized in manufacturing small and medium series and order. Also we are able to increase production capacity and accept large orders. Minimum quantity does not exist. Please send us an request for all kinds of products from our production program.
Additional operations and surface protection: During perforation / punching mechanical stress caused deformation of sheet metal at different levels, depending on type of metal, hole perforations, margins, etc... deformations are corrected by mechanical roll levelling, which is a standard operation in production of perforated metal sheets.
Additional operations and surface protection:
  • Corners outbreak
  • Accurate notching
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Bending of the semi-circle
  • Pressing
  • Welding
  • Send blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Cold galvanized
  • Hot galvanized
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