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Perforated metal screens and parts
Our products are reliable part of the production process in mines, quarries, gravel pits, process industry, power plants, brick factories, recycling industry...

These are important and demanding fields of application, so it is important to have a reliable partner with extensive sector specific experience. Perforated sheets and screens allow for high quality grinding, selection and filtering of various materials and fluids, also an important element in the process of washing, drying, roasting, pureeing in various production processes.

From the smallest holes of 0.4 mm for the finest output products to the larger 150mm holes on all types of sheet metal thickness, up to 15-20mm for strong and durable screens and parts. All type of plates are made to the highest quality standards to suits any process requirement. They are acid and corrosion resistant, wear resistant, made in stainless steel, mild steel, manganese, brass, copper, and operate to high level of accuracy and precision.

For the production of screens and parts we use all types of sheet metal (steel cold / hot rolled, galvanized,        manganese, hardox, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc...).
Thickness: From 0.4 mm up to 15-20mm, depending on material and perforation holes.
Dimensions: Screens and parts are manufactured per customer's request (based on drawings or samples).
Hole of perforation: All technically feasible perforations and hole shapes (round, square, oval, hexagonal,
       special, etc...)..
Additional operations: Perforated sheets can be further processed, additional operations are cutting,
       bending, welding, etc...
Models of perforated screens: The most common models of screens and sieves are flat, segment,
       revolving, vibration screens. We can produce screens and parts according to customer's request (custom made).
Note: More information about the perforated screens and sieves can be found in the following sections of our website:


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