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Baking trays, tools and trolley  

Perfom is a leading manufacturer of baking trays in Serbia and Balkans region. For many years we have developed these products together with our customers, according to their demand and needs. Quality, responsibility and flexibility in production, as well as use of the best quality raw materials are the guarantee of our high quality products. We produce standard and custom made trays according to your demands.

All our products have the necessary certificates and safety verifications, and can be used in accordance with the HACCP quality system.

For baking we recommend aluminium (AlMg3) trays, for preparation of baklava, boiling, cooking we recommend stainless steel trays. For display trays, both materials are appropriate.

More information about use, maintenance and other technical information can be found in the following sections of our
web site:

Short description of products:

Material: For production we use Aluminum sheet AlMg3,stainless steel AISI 304.
Model: From our catalog and custom made.
Note: We produce standard and custom made trays.
Delivery: We deliver to customer's address or you can collect products either from our branch office in Belgrade, or from        our head office in Pozega.


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