Except the usual production operations, we are able to offer assembly of the final product. Our many years of experience, selection of quality equipment and materials are your reliable source of benefits.

The assembly process involves a wide range of activities, we will list just a few key ones.

Self-clinching nuts and rivets in assembly

Joining metal parts is not always a simple process.

Whenever this cannot be done by welding, riveting is available. Our experienced team is at your disposal in terms of advice and selection of the most optimal solution and product design.

Key benefits of riveting

  • It can be as strong as welding
  • An elegant solution without the need for additional joint processing.
  • Easy to install
  • Combines various materials (example – steel and aluminum)
  • It can reduce costs

Riveting parts in assembly

Perfom can integrate self-clinching fasteners (nuts, rivets etc.) from world-famous manufacturers into your development and product.

This is a very good solution whenever it is necessary to provide the possibility of assembly and installation using cabinets.

Advantages of using self-clinching fasteners

  • Easy to install
  • Good price
  • They can be used on sheets of different thicknesses
  • They are easily integrated into product design