Perfom doo is a modern company that is continuously developing in business, time and increasing the number of engaged people in all sectors. Positions are opened occasionally, periodically, both from an individual job and the need for one employee, as well as for determining group jobs and hiring more workers.

You can view the specific job for which a worker is needed on this page. However, do not be discouraged if the job you would like is not currently open. Fill out the online application and thus become one of the interested candidates in our database, who we will contact when the need for suitable jobs arises.

Let us introduce ourself…

We can divide the business in our company into two groups. One is the work in production, the other the work of all those who prepare that production.

In production, work on almost all projects is done in 3 shifts, sometimes when the scope of work is so large, and deadlines are short, we have four-brigade production. Shifts change weekly. The work schedule is known in advance for 1 month, and in case of need of work, it can be changed weekly.

Production takes place in 2 locations – in the company’s headquarters and in a location that is about 1 km away from the headquarters, in the same street, closer to the city. Both locations are divided into so-called 3 plants, and the production itself takes place in closed, well-lit, ventilated, and warm halls in the winter.

Employees respect the work schedule and scheduled working hours, with deviations that are planned and approved in advance.

The production is noisy, it requires the management of presses of different levels of automation, as well as material handling (metal panels of different thicknesses). Safety and health at work is a topic that is elaborated through various rules and there are no negotiations on the observance of those rules unless it is an improvement.

Employees wear the work suit, which includes, among other things, a blouse with long sleeves and in the summer months, protective shoes, and gloves. We know that it is not easy, but with any deviation, the employee can be injured. The most unpopular among employees are ear protectors. But there are different types, from plugs to headphones, so that small possibility of choice contributes to their everyday wear during work.

Movement in production is something that special attention is paid to, so internal paths are marked. The paths of materials, products, and production waste are intertwined with the paths of employees. Therefore, regardless of the labelling, employees move carefully, taking care of themselves and others.

Work in production does not only mean mastery, craft. Being a production worker is demanding for several reasons. Some are knowledge and skills, and others are certain organizational rules and culture. We do not want to be a legal minimum, but to be Perfom, together through good relations and used potential.

Production preparation includes all sectors except production operations, diverse in terms of required knowledge and type of work. The only difference to production is working in two instead of three shifts, and fewer work clothes, for some. For all those who move in production during work, the rules of production apply.

Relationships between people and teamwork are words whose meaning you only realize when you become part of a production preparation team. The customer’s request runs through sectors from preparation to finalization, from sale to delivery. Exact time, acceptance, and re-examination of the previous, work and delivery to the next in a row, is something that is repeated every day and on which the outcome depends, the product for the customer, his satisfaction.

Each sector has its role, each employee its duties and powers. In the organizational sense, it is a hierarchy of roles, the respect of which is not a matter of superiority, but usable knowledge in the process of work. By listening, observing, and accepting their role, both employees and the organization achieve the greatest impact.

This is the part of the story that will create your first picture of what it looks like to work here. Because, as an employee, regardless of the job, you are a link in the production process. A link in what we do. What we are all together.


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