Dear associates,

I remember the first day when my parents started with their own workshop.

I did not understand the importance of the decision and the responsibility they took in 1981. But I remember the zeal with which they spent each day in the workshop. My father Janko and in that time skilled, already respected master, my grandfather Miloš.

They were diligent, dedicated and persistent in making metal parts, and especially in the intention to reconsider every move and to improve the process of making and the metal product itself.

Perfom, once a master workshop, is now a modern company and in 2021 it will be 40 years old.

I still see that zeal in the production of metal parts. Then I know, 40 years have not passed. It is coming.

January 2021.


Director Miloš Janković

Potpis Miloš Janković, direktor