Perfom has modern equipment that allows us a variety of processing of metals and sheets.

Our capacity

Quality control

Quality control is one of the key processes in the company.

Process and product development

New products – new opportunities, threats and opportunities.


Our capacity includes several thousand tools for perforation and plastic deformation of sheet metal. If we do not have the tools we need, we are able to design and manufacture all the necessary tools in the shortest possible time.


More than ten CNC presses and thousands of tools allow us to offer the most complete range of different perforations in this area.


Our machine park consists of CNC bending presses from Trumpf, Amada, Durma. Engineers and operators are fully trained to produce high quality complex parts.

Roll bending

It is not easy to soothe perforated sheet metal after great mechanical stress, to get a flat, round and flawless surface… our employees know how.

Stamping & deep drawing

Our capacity includes equipment, tools and trained workers at all stages of the stamping & deep drawing process.

Laser cutting

Laser sheet metal cutting provides enormous opportunities for development engineers to design a wide variety of shapes and use materials that are traditionally considered complex for plastic deformation processing. Making prototypes, small and medium sessions is very simple and fast, there is no need to produce complex tools.


We have the capacity and skill for TIG-MIG spot welding on all types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


In addition to the usual production operations, we are able to offer assembly of the final product. Our many years of experience, selection of quality equipment and materials are your reliable source of benefits.