Quality control is one of the key processes in the company.

Our key advantages

Many years of experience and great knowledge of engineers and operators.

Application of modern methods in terms of error prevention and process monitoring.

Continuous improvement of all our processes in order to produce the best possible products that meet your requirements.

We work in accordance with ISO-2768, ISO-10630 or according to a special standard and customer tolerances.

Excellent quality, better products, clear communication.

Flexible delivery deadlines.

Quality policy

Constant process improvement allows us to focus on customer requirements and satisfaction.

We achieve a high level of quality through cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees.

Every day we do our best to ensure your trust in our products and services and to get exactly what you need when you need it.

If you have any questions or ambiguities, please feel free to contact us.

Some of our experts will answer you in no time and give you all necessary details about your inquiry.

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  • Mob: +381 65 825 0514
  • Fax: +381 31 715 955