Perform is a modern factory of metal processing with tradition that lasts since 1942.

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We are recognizable for our working environment, healthy interpersonal relations and constant knowledge improvement.


Perfom proizvodi

Our products are present on the market for several decades and have very wide usage.


Perfom usluge

We have all the necessary equipment, knowledge, experience and human resources for the production of high quality sheet metal products.


Primena Perfom proizvoda

The users of our products are companies from almost all sectors of industry.

Featured Perfom products

Perforated metal sheets

Embossed metal sheets

Perforated sieves and filters

Parts and components

Perfom proizvodi

Anti-slip gratings

Architectural products

Perforated cable trays

Perforated facades

Metal accessories

Baking trays & pans

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PERFOM is a dynamic team ready to develop a product through a partnership and establish production in accordance with customer requirements.

We have the opportunity to cooperate with all branches of industry and solve various requirements of complex processes.


We have the knowledge, experience, capacity… all in one place!


Together, we find the right measure of quality and cost.


We work together in all phases of the project.

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Perfom has modern equipment that allows us a variety of processing of metals and sheets.

Our team consists of trained, motivated and experienced engineers, technicians and operators, ready to respond to different customer requirements.

From your idea and drawing, through the elaboration of the whole process to the final product ready for the final user.

Perform Capacity

Quality control




Roll bending

Stamping & Deep drawing

Laser cutting




Your reliable partner.

We are a modern company that respects the traditional values of responsible business.

We use modern equipment and technology (CAD / CAM) in combination with master knowledge and experience, taking into account the education and development of employees.

In work and cooperation with clients, our priorities are quality, responsibility and flexibility.

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Our key skills and capabilities

Production of sheet metal products using the technology of perforation, plastic deformation, laser cutting, welding and assembly.

The optimal combination of modern equipment and technology (CAD / CAM) with a long tradition and master practice.

Own development department and tooling are in accordance with all market needs.

Production according to customer requirements, small, medium and large series.


Export markets and business activities

Our export markets are: Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia…

We are present in key sectors of industry (recycling, mining, energy, construction, architecture, HVAC, process industry, shipbuilding, machine building, car industry, food and beverage industry, bakery industry, industrial maintenance…) and everyday life.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Some of our experts will answer you in no time and give you all necessary details about your inquiry.