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B2B Sale2022-03-12T19:21:07+00:00

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You can order all products via Online Inquiry. For you, these are a few steps, and for us, the first and complete data on the basis of which we can find out which product you want and therefore determine the deadlines and price, as some of the two most important elements.

By sending an inquiry, you get an offer with all the necessary information, without the obligation to purchase.

We could divide our products into two general groups. One group of products consists of those we call standard, and the second group of products is custom-made products.

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General terms of sale2022-03-12T19:29:10+00:00

You can send us information about the non-conformity of the product-complaints about the product. More details on product inspections and non-conformity you will find in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Below you can read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which apply to ordering through this inquiry. Our mutual satisfaction has been regulated by some valid laws for domestic sales and some conventions for international cooperation.

General Terms of Sale in International Trade


You make the payment to our account, which is listed in the offer. In each offer, the terms of payment are stated separately, because they were part of our negotiations.

If delivery is by courier service, payment can be made to the courier, not in advance.

Product delivery2022-03-12T19:22:39+00:00

Product delivery is described in the B2B logistics section.

Time of delivery2022-03-12T19:26:07+00:00

The production deadline starts from the moment you confirm the technical documentation and the offer itself. The product development deadline does not start from the sending of the inquiry. The inquiry is the beginning of our negotiations, and the consent to the offer and drawings is an agreement. Deadlines start from the agreement.

The product is on request, so deadlines are set for each request separately. It depends on the complexity of the product, the current occupancy of the production capacity, and sometimes on the material if it is specific and available at your request. Please, understand the deadlines offered. In any case, you can emphasize in the inquiry itself or later in the negotiations that it is urgent, to write your expected deadlines… But they must be reasonable deadlines for making products on demand.


The offer contains several elements, among which the most important are the price of the product and the time of delivery. We practice submitting technical documentation with the offer, so to shorten the steps and correspondence. However, for more complex products, the harmonization of technical documentation precedes the offer itself.

You can expect an offer within 2 to 3 days. Be patient, the product itself is on request, so the offer is formed separately. Therefore, there is a response time. Emphasize in the questionnaire if it is urgent, or if you have a deadline. We will do our best to respect that.

Product quality2022-03-12T19:26:37+00:00

Quality is everything that “goes” with the product, in terms of technical requirements and tolerance standards. Quality is also something that is important to you for that product or the whole project. Therefore, take the time to emphasize all the specifics. These will be the quality control requirements of the process of making the product you ordered. These requirements also become an integral part of the technical documentation and production work orders, so you “confirm” them by giving consent to the technical documentation.

Technical drawings/samples2022-03-12T19:26:54+00:00

Based on the data from the questionnaire, our sales and development department create technical documentation or reviews the one you submitted. This is a very important step because our products have so-called “technical” character, so the communication took place practically through drawings. For you, this means that before the price and production deadlines, you will receive an inquiry from us for harmonization (conformity) of technical documentation. Simply, we show you the drawings, you review in detail and confirm that this is the product you want.

For more complex products, most often when a larger number of pieces is ordered, the harmonization is additionally done by making and confirming the sample. In that case, along with the sample, we also provide you with the technical documentation based on which the sample was created, so we harmonize (conformity) the sample.

Which product?2022-03-12T19:27:13+00:00

Of course, you can describe the product, but we recommend that you make a sketch by hand (this shortens the story and deadlines for creating the requested offer). At the end of the questionnaire, there is a field called Document which you can use to “attach” a sketch, drawing, complex technical documentation, or even a photo – send an attachment.

Very often customers have a sample. In that case, fill in the questionnaire, take a picture of the sample, and we will contact you to pick up the sample or come to the place to measure and collect data for the technical drawing.

Who orders and how much?2021-05-16T18:01:36+00:00

The questionnaire is not limited to some customers or some products. On the contrary. You can be an individual; you can order as a company. It can be a single product or even a series production. You are all welcome.