B2B logistics

B2B logistics2021-05-20T11:01:08+00:00

Product delivery

We deliver products in different ways, respecting the country and place of delivery, as well as the different requirements of the products themselves. You should know right away, we do not drive goods, but our associates – several transport companies.

Deliveries in Serbia

Customer transportation2021-05-16T15:05:33+00:00

If you have cooperation or want to send another courier service, come by your own transport, or send someone for goods, you need to state this in the Online inquiry, because the price of the product is determined accordingly, but also delivery is organized (you need to make an appointment) our logistics service to pick up the product).

Courier services2021-05-26T08:31:44+00:00

The courier service we work with is D Express. Delivery of goods is made today for tomorrow. The maximum dimensions of the package are 1000 mm x 2000 mm, and the price is formed according to the weight of the package.

See the prices according to the weight of the package – D Express price list.

With the same courier service, we can organize the delivery of goods packed on a Euro pallet (800 mm x 1200 mm). The price of transportation is determined for each individual delivery. The price is included in the offer, as a separately shown transport price.

Freight transport2021-05-19T10:18:31+00:00

In case of a large quantity of products, delivery is done by truck. Either as total occupied transport capacity or as aggregate. By doing so, you do not have to worry about quantity. However, it is necessary to go through the details of the delivery and unloading of goods with our logistics service, most often because of the parking lot, place, forklift, and warehouse for unloading and the like.

Documentation accompanying the goods2021-05-20T15:57:55+00:00

Documentation accompanying the goods – delivery note. You are obliged to write your name and surname and ID card number as the one who takes over. In this way, we prove that we have delivered the goods, and that you, as the buyer, have directly or indirectly taken over the goods.

Inspection and quality control of goods2021-05-20T15:57:16+00:00

In case of inspection and quality control of goods performed immediately after collection, it is necessary to announce the logistics service, and on that occasion the inspection is performed in the presence of our quality controllers, so in addition to the delivery note, a record of delivery / receipt of goods is written. For more information on receiving and inspecting products, see the General Terms and Conditions of Internal Trade.

Delivery abroad

Transportation data2021-05-20T16:49:02+00:00

For our customers abroad, we can organize transportation to the requested destinations, as well as the service of export and import customs clearance.

Transport is contracted during the purchase or ordering. Transport certainly depends on the country / place to which it is delivered, but also on the requirements of the product itself. The quantity, dimensions, packaging, possibility of damage in case of longer duration of transport and the like are important.

It is therefore important that all specifics are clarified before accepting an offer. Sometimes from the moment the product is made, our logistics start organizing the transportation of goods.

Goods are most often transported by freight transport. You are not obliged to occupy the entire capacity, but we organize groupage transport. Transportation prices are specially stated in the offer. Prices for groupage transport are determined for each request regardless of the quantity (dimensions + weight) of the goods.

Documentation accompanying the goods2021-05-20T16:45:03+00:00

The documentation accompanying the goods in case of export includes, in addition to the invoice and delivery note, everything that is necessary for the export / import of goods. At the request of customers, we deliver the necessary Certificates of Materials, as well as Statements of Origin.

Inspection and quality controls of goods2021-05-20T16:41:13+00:00

In the case of inspection and quality control of goods performed immediately after collection, the rules apply as for transportation in the country. For deliveries abroad, a deferred inspection is also possible, which is stated in more detail in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in International Trade, or the General Terms for International sale contract.

Adequate storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and final products.

Formation of a “safety stock”, availability of components JIT.

Packing according to customer’s request.

Packaging of products ready for immediate installation “no repacking required”.

Organization of transport to the desired address according to the required parity.