Perfom produces quality perforated floors for various purposes. The field of application is very wide, agriculture, food industry, biomass, renewable energy sources, recycling…

The drying process is one of the key processes in certain industries. It is necessary to provide maximum functionality in terms of air flow, but also the strength and durability of the parts. The precision and shape of the opening is important because a bit more or less drying can be a big problem.

We offer you a large selection of standard tools, but also a production just on your request, because we know that a small improvement is often a condition for great progress.

Examples of perforation

Basic technical data


  • All types of metal sheet – most often galvanized, stainless steel, steel…


  • Max: 5 mm, most common 1 mm to 3 mm.
    *thicker on request


  • According to customer’s request

Perforations holes

  • Most often oblong semi-drawn
  • Pocket
  • Bridge

Additional operations

  • Laser and waterjet cutting
  • Contour cutting, bending
  • Tig-mig welding
  • Assembly, packaging


  • No minimum quantity
  • Prototypes, small, medium, large series
  • Production on request


  • Production according to DIN-ISO or customer’s internal standard

Perfom has modern equipment and all the resources necessary for quality production of perforated floors.

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