Technical data


  • Galvanized sheet
  • Steel DC01
  • Stainless steel

Surface protection

  • Plasticization – standard colors white, gray, black – RAL on request *

NOTE: RAL on request can be conditioned by the minimum quantity of the product


  • According to the product catalog or on request

Important ordering information.

When ordering, specify the serie number and model of your choice (A, B, C or D).

Series Model Diameter *D Height *H Volume (l)
14 A-B-C-D 255 280 14
18 A-B-C-D 255 370 18
21 A-B-C-D 290 320 21
31 A-B-C-D 290 470 31
83 A-B-C-D 420 590 83

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