Simply observed, perforated fences are sheet metal panels attached to the construction, but when you decide to apply perforated sheet metal to the fence of your home or business space, you need to change your point of view.

Fences are very visible parts of the building, so their appearance is very important. Safety, duration and a simple fence construction process are also very important.

To clarify and determine what we are making

Before the final decision, it is necessary to clarify and harmonize key technical issues related to design and construction.

Panel size

  • The maximum dimension of the panel / without bending / is 1500x3000mm, larger dimensions on request.
  • Sheet thickness is usually from 1 to 3mm, the maximum thickness that we perforate is 12mm.

Material and surface protection

  • Perfom produces panels from all types of sheet metal, most often from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, corten.
  • The panels can be painted, plasticized, hot-dip galvanized… all in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
  • If the panels are used outdoors, we recommend the use of stainless metals (aluminum or galvanized sheet metal) + painting or sheet steel (DC01-S235) + heat galvanizing.
  • Stainless steel or corten panels are delivered without additional surface protection by painting, except at the special request of the customer.

Aperture production technology – additional operations

  • We produce panels using perforation technology, laser cutting or a combination of laser perforations.
  • Send us the drawings, we will suggest the most optimal technology, keeping in mind the quality, appearance and price of the product.
  • We have the capacity to produce the final product-panel ready for installation.

Large selection of standard tools and perforated sheets

  • When choosing a panel, take in consideration the perforation tools available as well as the perforated boards in stock that are available in the short term.
  • If the project allows it, this can be an efficient and economical solution.

Panel production on request

  • Perfom produces panels according to the customer’s request, which is often the best solution because it completely meets the needs of the project.
  • In addition to the choice of material and perforation, it is very important to precisely define the margins (non-perforated surfaces) and the method of hanging-installing panels.
  • If the margins and fixing holes are not precisely defined, installation can be complicated and additional operations are necessary.
  • Our expert team of the development sector is at your disposal in finding the optimal solution.

Accuracy is important

  • A clearly defined goal based on a clarified customer requirement is the basis of a future product.
  • Modern equipment, trained operators and a well-organized quality control process are necessary for the production of high quality panels.
  • On complex projects, each panel must be marked in order for the installation to be simple and efficient.
  • If the panels are made precisely, placement on the construction should be a simple process.

Perform capacity

Perfom has modern equipment that allows us a variety of processing of metals and sheets.

Process and product development

We have the opportunity to cooperate with all branches of industry and solve various requirements of complex processes.

Safe – long lasting – beautiful

  • Perforated sheets are a flexible solution that adds beauty to almost any building and space.

  • Fences should provide privacy and security, perforation adds beauty, uniqueness and prestige to it all.
  • If you want a long-lasting solution… metal is the right choice.
  • Perforation allows free movement of air, with flat closed surfaces the air moves up and over the fence.
  • With a perforated fence, the air flow slows down but does not stop because the openings allow free air flow, a calmer intensity, which gives a greater degree of comfort in the enclosure.
  • The degree of open surface is your choice and depends on the perforation (size and arrangement of openings), the possibilities are extremely large from 5% to 80% of the open surface.

Product development

Application of perforated fences

We offer you the possibility of complete production according to the project requirements… take advantage of the great flexibility of perforated sheet metal and our capacity.

Choose the material, perforation, throughput keeping in mind the requirements of privacy, noise reduction, air flow and light, design and build in harmony with the environment and the requirements of modern architecture.

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