Our dedicated team of engineers and experienced craftsmen uses the latest technology to produce perforated sheets and parts intended for architecture and construction. From the idea through the development to the final product, with full commitment to each phase of the process, we are at your disposal in the realization of your projects.

The application of perforated sheet metal in architecture is very wide, take advantage of this creative material.

Perforated sheet metal is an ideal choice for reducing excessive solar heat. Select the appropriate bandwidth by combining the size and layout of the openings.

Enjoy the natural light, allow it to create visual effects, giving the space a new dynamic, enliven your facade at night.

Perforated sheet metal with its functionality and aesthetic impression makes our environment more beautiful and ecologically better. Whether used for acoustics, ventilation, HVAC, lighting…

Let us be your collaborators in designing perforated sheet metal parts such as sunshades, ventilated facades, sound barriers, windshields, decorative panels…

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Large selection of perforation tools
  • Own tool shop and development department
  • Standard products in stock… immediately available
  • Production according to customer’s request
  • Product development and prototype production
  • Help with green eco-design
  • Modern capacity for complete sheet metal processing
  • The highest quality raw materials and reliable suppliers

Architectural products

Green design and perforation

Incorporate the principle of green design into your projects as this creates a richer value system.

Perforated and laser cut panels

They are used for fences, walkways, bridges, stairs, terraces, decorative coverings and masks, partition walls, suspended ceilings, facades…

Perforated graphic – Perfograf

New visual look… new chances and opportunities.

Perforated facades

Perforated facades – functional, visually striking, environmentally sustainable. Thanks to modern technology, we turn your ideas into products with a unique visual appearance.

Perforated fences

Fences are very visible parts of the building, so their appearance is very important. We offer safety, duration and a simple fence construction process of perforated fences.

Perfom has modern equipment and all the resources necessary for the quality production of perforated architectural products.

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