Perforated metal sheet is not just metal with holes. It is a functional, beautiful and inspiring part of our daily lives.

  • The field of application of perforated metal is extremely large… see more on the APPLICATION page.
  • We produce perforated metal in sheets of standard and non-standard dimensions and strip.
  • Our production takes place in accordance with ISO-DIN standards. Precision in the manufacture of openings, their compliance with the prescribed measures, precision of the distance of the openings, smooth and flat surface, precisely determined product tolerances are the requirements that ensure quality products.

Examples of perforation



  • All types of metal – steel, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, corten, domex…
  • We are able to perforate alubond, plastic, rubber…


  • Thickness: From 0,4 mm do max. 12 mm
    *more than this is on request

Dimension of sheet

  • Standard dimensions:
    – 1000 x 2000 mm
    – 1250 x 2500 mm
    – 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Out of standard dimensions are on customer demand

  • Maximum width of sheet 1500 mm
    *more than this is on request

Dimension of strip-coil

  • 1000 mm Maximum width
  • Sheet thickness from 0,4 to 1 mm depending on width
    (for the strip wide 1000 mm max thickness is 1,25 mm)
  • Length of strip is on customer demand, max weight of roll 4000 kg (Because of easier manipulation we suggest weight of perforated roll up to 2000 kg)

Openings of perforations

  • All technically feasible perforations with different openings (round, square, oblong, hexagonal, rhomboid, rectangular, elliptical, pocket-shaped, decorative, special).
  • We are able to offer you perforation with holes on request and customer’s drawing.

The hole-thickness ratio *size of the opening – the thickness of the sheet

  • Perforation is much simpler and more economical when the perforation opening is much larger than the thickness of the sheet metal.
    (for example hole 10mm-sheet thickness 1mm)
  • The perforation becomes more complex when the diameter of the opening approaches the thickness of the sheet metal.
    (for example 3 mm hole – 2 mm thickness)
  • The most difficult to make and the most expensive is the critical perforation, where the perforation hole = sheet thickness.
    (example hole 3 mm – sheet thickness 3 mm)

Open area

Open area is the percentage of open space on a perforated surface without taking into account margins and non-perforated parts.

With standard perforated sheets (except in the case of special orders) the open surface ratio is constant. At smaller sheet thicknesses, it is possible to obtain a high percentage of open surface, at medium and larger thicknesses the throughput decreases.

With the development of special tools, PERFOM is able to offer medium and thick sheets with higher throughput than usual.

Margins and non-perforated surfaces

A significant advantage of perforated sheets over wire mesh and stretched metal is the ability not to perforate edges, that is margins, as well as other similar non-perforated surfaces, if required.

With the use of modern CNC machines, it is possible to achieve non-perforated surfaces according to the customer’s request, which enables even greater use of perforated sheets.

Beginning and end of the perforation

From the aspect of the beginning and end of perforation, we distinguish two types – complete and incomplete perforation. For technical reasons, the right distance between the perforations is very often formed after the third or fourth line of the opening (incomplete perforation).

If it is important from the aspect of application of the product when ordering, be sure to indicate if a complete start and end of the perforation is necessary.


After the perforation process due to great mechanical stress, each board has a certain degree of deformation, which depends on the material, the ratio of the thickness and size of the hole, non-perforated margins…, etc.

After perforation, ironing operation on a roller-straightener is obligatory in order to eliminate deformations.

Production serie size

  • There are no minimum quantities, we produce in small, medium and large series.
  • We offer cooperation in the phase of product development and prototyping.

Additional operations and surface protection

  • Laser cutting, precision contour cutting, pressing, bending, rolling, welding, hot-cold galvanizing, painting…

Perfom has modern equipment and all the resources necessary for quality production of perforated sheets.

Find out more

Standards and tolerances (PDF catalog).

Download PDF catalog with detailed technical information.

Find out more
Find out more

Examples of perforation (PDF catalog).

Download PDF catalog with detailed technical information.

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Important ordering information.

Your inquiry or order should contain the following information:

1. Required material

2. Length, width and thickness of the sheet

3. Perforation hole

4. Non-perforated margins

5. Essential tolerances

6. Number of pieces

If necessary, specify additional processing operations, surface protection.

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