Bridgelike slot holes in staggered row (MO-Z)

Bridge perforation is a special perforation. The hole in the sheet metal is not completely extruded, but the sheet metal is cut and pulled out so that small bridges are formed at the place of the hole. The size and layout of the bridge hole can be adjusted to the customer’s needs.

The height (h) of the lateral extracted parts of the hole (bridge) determines the perforation throughput and it is produced in accordance with the customer’s request (max h = 3mm).

This perforation is a combination of very fine proposing power on thick sheets with very high resistance and strength. It is usually used for the production of well filter pipes, drainage filters for drainage of water and other liquids, in the chemical and process industry, and can also be used as an aesthetic element due to its specific appearance.

Perforation mark: MO (w*l) Z(t1*t2)

  • w – width of the bridgelike hole
  • l – length of the bridgelike hole – base
  • l1 – length of the bridgelike hole – at the top
  • h – length of the bridgelike hole – at the top
  • t1 and t2 – perforation step
  • c1 and c2 – perforation step

The main advantages of bridge slot perforation compared to other types are:

  • The free side openings (h) represent the inlet part of the perforation and cannot be covered with gravel or other material.
  • It provides very fine throughput on thick sheets with very high resistance and strength.


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Bridgelike slot perforation (pdf).

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