Perforated anti-slip sheets and gratings are a combination of strength and safety, with the following characteristics:

  • 360° non-slip – thanks to special anti-slip holes.
  • Drainage holes on grating enable drainage of liquids (water, oil…) and prevent the formation of ice.
  • Heel protection – holes with a diameter of ≤ 8 mm are suitable for women’s footwear, i.e. heel decay and jamming is prevented.
  • The anti-panic open surface coefficient is low (from 5% to 15%), it limits transparency and provides a sense of security at higher altitudes.
  • Sheets with low coefficient of open surface are suitable for use in places where there is a danger of flames (oil wells, refineries…)
  • They are ideal for use in construction, car industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, industry (for making treads, steps, platforms, slipways)

Safety gratings

Anti-slip sheets

Perforated anti-slip sheets are a combination of strength and safety.

Anti-slip profiles

Our perforated gratings with anti-slip holes that prevent slipping and allow good drainage are a combination of functionality and safety.Perfectly fit to any project …wide possibility of use and easy to install.

Anti-slip steps

Professional solution for the production of steel stairs. It easily fits into the existing construction (with holes for fixing with a screw or welding).

Perforated treads for trailers – Slipways

We produce slipways and parts for trailers on your request. We have many years of experience in terms of high quality and delivery requirements.

Anti–slip gratings – parts and components

When you need a supplier of quality components, Perfom is a safe choice. We have many years of experience in the production of parts due to customer specifications, high quality requirements and delivery just in time.

Perfom has modern equipment and all the resources necessary for the quality production of anti-slip gratings and components.

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