Welded gratings consist of bearing, binding and hemming flasks that fit together and are joined by welding. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, have a long service life, are strong and firm. Gratings are produced on customer request- in accordance with the requirements of the project.

Welded gratings are most often used for: stairs, access paths, passages, bridges, platforms, covering drainage channels and holes, storage floors, crane paths…

They are used in shipbuilding, industry (chemical, food, process…), thermal power plants, cement plants, construction, steel structures, architecture, households. The field of application is very wide.

Materials and surface protection

  • Hot rolled steel in quality (ST 37-2 / S235 JRG)
  • Aluminum sheet Al 99,5 i AlMg3
  • Stainless steel č4580-č4574 (AISI 304-316)

Treads are delivered:

  • Without surface protection.
  • With surface protection – (TZn) Heat-galvanized in accordance with DIN 50 976.
  • Painted on customer’s request.

Welded gratings

Welded grating – model RGP

Welded grating – model RG

Welded gratings – stairs

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