As a leading manufacturer of bakery trays in Serbia and the region, together with our customers, we have been working on the development of these products for decades. Quality, responsibility and flexibility in work and the use of the best materials for production, are a guarantee of high quality of our products.

All our products have the necessary certificates and health checks and can be used in accordance with the HACCAP quality system.

  • Standard materials for making these products are aluminum alloy, aluminised steel and stainless steel sheet AISI 304 for some products.Material that we use is characterized by exceptional quality, good duration and stability at high temperatures and firmness. The choice of the appropriate thickness of the material and adequate processing are of great importance for the quality of the final product.
  • The perforation allows free and fast flow of hot air, faster baking of the product and evenly baking from the top and the bottom.

Baking trays and pans production program


High quality pans for meat pie, pie, cheese cake, fruit tart, round cakes, pizza…

Flat baking trays

Flat aluminum trays are intended for baking various bakery and confectionery products.

Wavy baking trays

Corrugated trays are suitable for baking bread and sandwich muffins.

Baguette trays

Baguette trays are an effective solution for baking French bread, baguette muffins…

Baguette muffin trays

The simple design of the product makes these trays ideal for small ovens.

Cassette trays

They are used for baking sandwich bread, wholemeal bread, whole grain bread.

Baking trays for toast bread

Toast loaves are used for baking toast, sandwich bread.

Cassette moulds

Cassette-shaped moulds with a slight cone.

Flat baking trays

High quality hamburger bun trays.

Baking trays

Muffin trays are chosen with exceptional strength, which guarantees long-term use and a quality product.

Adjustable cake ring

The adjustable cake ring is suitable for baking Slava cakes.

Fixed cake ring

The fixed ring for the cake is suitable for production where the adjustability of the mould is not important.

Pie trays for cakes

Baking trays suitable for creamy cakes and cakes cut in pieces.

Roasters for baking

Stretchers for trays & pans

Stretchers for trays & pans

Firm, durable and simple.

Cradles for the fermentation chamber

A set with supports, a trough and a forehead or just a cradle trough are produced.

Stainless steel trolley

Durable solution for baking industry and other application.

Perfom has modern equipment and all the resources necessary for the quality production of baking trays and pans.

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